Thursday, 10 October 2013

Flamingos are pink because they eat shrimp, therefore....

Back to the D&D "classics" today.  I got my 2 Rust Monsters from Otherworld Miniatures finished.

When I first got into role-playing I started with the old D&D Basic Set 'Red Box'.  The player's guide in there kicked off with a solo adventure where the big baddy towards the end was a Rust Monster.  Ever since then I've felt that the Rust Monster was a fairly iconic D&D Monster even though I don't recall it making a single appearance in any other published TSR novels or adventures.

After looking at the D&D pre-paints I had on hand of the Rust Monsters (which were WAY too small to use) and consulting the Monster Manual I found that Rust Monsters are meant to be a mostly tan colour, honestly that look just didn't work for me.  Instead I decided that if Rust Monsters eat rust (basically) they should be more rust-coloured.

I started off by coating the entire model in a thin coat of Mephiston Red (mostly so it would settle in the crevices) and then dry-brushed the entire model Mournfang Brown.  After that a wash of Agrax Earthsahde and once that was dry I went back and applied a second wash of Baal Red on just the torso.  Picked out the details and then they're done!



  1. AD&D DMG page 81 (Jeff Easley cover)

    Great paint job J!

    1. Thanks D!

      Sadly I don't have any of my old D&D stuff, I have a tendency to recycle it when new books come out and then regret those decisions later.