Wednesday, 30 October 2013

The final Thrall...seriously....I mean it this time....

I finished up my Thrall from the last Hobby Grab Bag, and shortly thereafter a thought that should have occurred to me before finally hit me; I've painted 4 of these...I should have just painted a whole unit.  But in any event I'm going to move away from the Thralls for a bit.

This guy is a great fit with the first 2 Thralls I did in terms of size and style (love those swords), but I love the fact that they are nonetheless distinct and different as RPG figures always look out of place to me if they are overly repetitive.

Same colours and techniques used here as for the others.

I may (hopefully) by posting another fig here tonight that was not something I was planning on doing but decided on this morning on a lark.


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