Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Flesh Construct (my first or my third depending on your method of counting)

Dr McMourning's forces continue to grow with the addition of a new Flesh Construct.

I've always really liked the Flesh Constructs in terms of both the rules and the models so I painted both of the original metals and now this is my first of the new plastics.  There is a second variant available as well so I'm thinking I might have to pick that up after I get my initial box set done.

Due to my inability to count the other night (Canine Remains are 4 points, not 1) this means I now have 10 of the 15 points I need done for my first game in the Slaux Graux Malifaux league a week from tomorrow.  So one nurse from the box set should get me there!



  1. Curse you and your quick painting! McCabe isn't even in yet at The Hobby Kingdom, so I haven't even started!

    Also, awesome!

    1. Thanks!
      Will I see you and Josh this Thursday?