Sunday, 13 July 2014

Zoe's World - Chloe The Robot

A few weeks ago after I painted Scrap Bot I mentioned there would be more coming down the pipe in that vein.  As I've been working on Zoe's first Pathfinder adventure I wanted to put together a group to accompany her character so it feels more like a traditional fantasy story but we're playing a single player game and I didn't want to layer on a whack or random NPCs that would potentially drive some of the direction things go in.

After watching an episode of Wolverine And The X-Men which featured a Sentinel named Rover who has befriended Marrow and joins her against the other Sentinels Zoe asked if I had a robot she could paint.  Out came the Grind Jacks and Zoe and I picked out some stuff (she really liked the claw) to make her robot companion for our game.

Chloe The Robot has a very similar colour palette to Isabeau the last figure Zoe painted so they should look good together on the tabletop.

The next (and final) step for assembling Zoe's companions will probably be an animal familiar of some sort to accompany her.

Another couple of weeks and there should actually be a game to report on as well!


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