Saturday, 12 July 2014

The Iron Pilgrim

After taking a detour from 40K for a while to get my new Malifaux force in fighting shape I wanted to circle back and finish the addition I desperately needed to my army.  The Iron Pilgrim is my Multi-Melta armed Dreadnought (thanks again Dave!) for dealing with tanks and space ponies.

I stuck with the basic paint scheme I've been going with with my Blood Angels and I'm pretty happy with how it turned out.

It definitely felt good to make another addition to my Blood Angels and even though there are a few other things I want to get done first I think this will be the push I needed to go back and finish my first 5 Assault Marines as well.



  1. Ah, the sleek and elegant lines...

    I kid of course. Looks great there Jay, hopefully it kills many things in the name of the Emperor!

    Plus, killing Stan's stuff is bonus points. I'm sure that's in the ledger somewhere...

    1. Thanks Dave!

      I'm looking forward to liquifying some heavily armoured goons.

  2. Plus, Iron Pilgrim is a wicked cool name. Well done!