Friday, 19 December 2014

Assault Marines make their debut!

After waiting forever to finish my first 5 Assault Marines I finally got them done yesterday AND they made their first appearance in a game last night.  I am still planning on going back and re-doing their squad markings as I feel they turned out fairly sloppy and inconsistent.

Trying out both the new edition of 40K and the New Blood Angels Codex for the first time I played a 1000 point game against Stan's forces of Chaos.

Since our last game I have added my Dreadnought and Assault Marines and Stan has added some sort of new tentacle-faced space pony......always with the Space Ponies.....

We played a very tight back-and-forth game but in the end I was able to squeak out a victory 5-to-4.  It was a fun game and the Assault Marines we're actually the deciding factor in the win, taking an objective and killing both the hated Space Pony and a squad of Chaos Marines.

I've got to say for anybody out there who plays 40K and hasn't tried playing Maelstrom Of War with the Tactical Objectives you are really missing out.  Moving from place to place and having both our goals changing constantly created a really fluid and fun game.



  1. It was the addition of the psychic phase that got get me back to playing 40k. But the true "MVP" of the current edition IS the objective system. SO FUN!

    1. Definitely Darren. Its really added something to the game.