Saturday, 27 December 2014

Hobby Grab Bag - Year End

I've got 4 days left in the year and 4 small projects I want to get done before the ball drops.

First up; Harry The Hammer.  Harry was done as a special edition for the 25th anniversary of Warhammer.  I like the model but don't play a Chaos army for Warhammer so he's sat unpainted in a box for 6-7 years.  I've got an idea I might need some big evil-looking warriors for in the new year so it seemed like it was time for Harry to finally get some paint.

Next up; some replacement investigators for Strange Aeons.  I've played a lot of games of Strange Aeons this past year and I really like the investigator figures I've been using but they are very middle-eastern themed, so I'd like some domestic versions of those exact same characters.  Rick O' Connell and Nigel Bottomtooth should be my first 2 replacements.

I recently picked up the new/current Blood Angels Codex and I would like to make a few changes and upgrades to my existing force to introduce some of the newer elements.  I definitely want some grav weapons because I've been primarily fighting Chaos Marines and I know there are some big Tyranid models coming up against me in the future.  These guys will be the new sergeants for my 2 existing Tactical Squads.

...that leaves my current 2 sergeants out in the cold.  I've decided they will join Captain Fails-a-lot to form the basis of my first Death Company unit.  They will be going through some minor repaints and then I will need to add at least 2 other marines to form a minimum sized unit.

Hopefully you'll see an update a day for the next 4 days!


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  1. It looks like re-purposing existing models as Death Company will be dropping down in the order. Instead I'll be painting squad Rafaen from Deathstorm for my first Death Company.