Friday, 26 December 2014

Steam punk robots and the return of an old friend

For the second session of my D&D game I will need a fantasy steam punk robot.  Awhile back I purchased the C. Hoffman crew for Malifaux with the intention of painting the robots up to use with a Leviticus crew.  Instead it looks like the Guardian will finally be making it's debut in a D&D game.

The Guardian is an 8'-9' tall robot designed for basic combat and defence operations in Malifaux.  It will be something slightly different in my D&D game but we'll come back to that in a few weeks...

While I had the Guardian out I also decided to paint the Watcher which is a flying construct for the same crew.  To be honest I'm not sure if I'll ever use the Watcher in a game but it's a unique piece so I like having it in the collection.

I also need a wizard-looking figure and I decided to pull out the Vahn Oberen that I had painted when I was planning on playing through the Witchfire trilogy and touched it up a bit for what I need.

That's feels like a lot for one day.  I've got a few odds and ends that will probably end up getting touched up between now and New Years...stay tuned.



  1. I look forward to killing all your new creations with my flaming long sword.
    Have you had success cropping your photos for tokens? I just use the edit option.

    1. I actually fixed these and a few other images and uploaded them last night. There should be a lot less squinting in our next game.