Thursday, 8 January 2015

Female Judges!

I took a break from stuff I'm currently gaming with or planning to game with to go back and do some stuff I just plain want.

At some point when I actually play a game of Judge Dredd I'm going to have a pretty good sized Justice Department.  Tonight I finished up the three named female Judges I have figures for.

Judge Dekker is a relatively minor character in the Dredd mythos.  She did appear in multiple issues over a number of years so I found it really odd I don't have a single comic with her in it.  She basically fills the same role in the comics as Judge Giant being a Judge Dredd trained and then appeared later on in the series as a full Street Judge.  Unfortunately her career also ended the same way as Judge Giant....

Galen DeMarco appears typically in the comics as a former Street Judge turned Private Investigator.  She's a neat character because she feels like the audience-eye-view of what's going on in Mega-City One.  She's a great miniature because outside of a Judge Dredd game she would make a great sci-fi heroine; cool uniform and armour, techie-looking gun, and looks like she's ready for action, not some pin-up girl.

Judge Anderson is probably the best known of these three characters.  She's had her own lengthy series, appeared in a lot of big Dredd stories and appeared in the latest film adaption.  Unfortunately she's also probably the most poorly executed figure of the three.  Her face is blocky,  her hair is a bit over the top, she looks out of place compared the other two Judges.

I've got a lot of odds and ends on my painting desk so next update might be a random fig or it might be back to the Blood Angels.


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