Friday, 23 January 2015

Strike Force - Deathstorm WIP

It looks like I'm back to the Blood Angels for a week or two.  Shortly after Christmas a friend and I split a Deathstorm box set with him starting a shiny new Tyranid army and me getting some much needed reinforcements for my Blood Angels.  When I've got these figs done I will be able to field 2000 points worth of Blood Angels (and it still fits in a single figure case!)

There are 4 units in the Deathstorm box but I will be painting them as 2 units; Terminators, and Death Company.

First up Captain Karlaen.

Captain Karlaen is the commander of the Blood Angels 1st Company and is the unique figure (only available in the Deathstorm box) on the Blood Angels side of the campaign.  I really like this figure because it has tons of cool Blood Angels iconography without being over the top.  I'm also excited because now that I've read the Deathstorm novella I feel like Karlaen has a better developed character than most of the special character models available for the Blood Angels.

Squad Alphaeus.

Squad Alphaeus is the Terminator squad in the box.  Veteran Sergeant Alphaeus is a soldier with a long history serving under Captain Karlaen and also features prominently in the Deathstorm novella.  I did add the Forgeworld Terminator shoulder pads to Squad Alphaeus to dress them up a bit and make sure they don't look too flat next to my Space Hulk Terminators.

Raphen's Death Company.

The Death Company are led by veteran marine Raphen (the one with the Thunder hammer) and a re equipped with jump packs.  This is another slight detour from the models that actually came in the box as I purchased a squad of Assault Marines so I could give the models torsos that include the  harness for their jump packs.

Cassor The Damned.

Cassor is a Death Company Dreadnought.  It's funny but after years of choosing something else every time I was deciding between the Furioso Dreadnought kit or "some thing else" now that I finally have one I think I want to get another.

So that will get me to 2000 points for my Blood Angels, which I'm pretty happy with given that I started off with no set goal in mind.  I've committed to not getting any more models until I'm done painting these but I think I'm going to treat myself to that new Sanguinary Priest model as a reward when I get all of this done!



  1. Looking good! That Sanguinary Priest is a great reward too. Different coloured armour, larger model, and definitely unique among the sea of red and black.

    1. He is fantastic.

      Unfortunately he does fight on the side of my long time hobby adversary....painting armour white!