Friday, 2 January 2015

Strange Aeons - The investigators return home

I've gotten the chance to play a lot of Strange Aeons this past year and I've really been enjoying it.  The only place the game fell short for me was in my own pulp figure collection which is very slim and had an entirely desert-theme.  So after a full year of searching out the mysteries of the unknown in faraway lands our intrepid team of Threshold agents is ready to return home and continue their assignments in the new world.

The two figures here are meant to be new versions of Rick O'Connell and Nigel Bottomtooth, two of my existing team members.  Rick is now attired in his suit and ready for undercover work in cities and towns across North America, while Nigel has traded in his bolt-action rifle for a Tommy-gun and is ready to sweep the streets clean.

Here is old Rick and new Rick side-by-side.

Likewise new Nigel and old Nigel side-by-side.

I'll be painting a few more period specific figures when time permits over the next couple of weeks.


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