Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Finally I'm playing the "good guys" in Malifaux!

Now that I'm caught up on most of the games I'm actually playing I'm starting to circle around and paint new forces for the games I play the most.

I'm working on Malifaux right now and after playing Ressurectionists all through first edition I decided to jump to the other side of the table a play the forces of the Guild, law and order in Malifaux!

My first Master for my Guild forces will be loyal coroner and medical examiner Dr Douglas McMourning.

McMourning is a great figure that I think showcases one of the things that the sculptors for Malifaux do really well.  The basic figure itself is in fact very basic, no crazy details on the coat or piles and piles of extra bits, but the things that pop really pop as a result of a less-is-more approach.  So for example his specimen tray, his hair, the bag of tools.

It's great to finally be playing the good guys in this game and I think when you see McMourning's first three minions it will really drive home the fact that I've embraced the forces of law and order and left my evil Ressurectionist ways behind me!



  1. Love the Doc! These two-faction casters are my favourite thing about 2E and I'll definitely be adding him to my Guild!

    1. I think watching Gotham has sort of inspired me on this. I like the idea of a loopy guy who may or may not be totally bonkers