Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Sabertooth Cerberus

After painting the dogs the other day I got it in my head to start getting some of the other beasties done that I'm going to end up needing once I start playing Through The Breach.

I had originally bought the Sabertooth Cerberus with the intent of using it in my current D&D game as a winter themed mountain encounter, in the end I decided to go with an Owlbear instead.

The Sabertooth Cerberus will be joining my Rasputina crew and making their first tabletop appearance this Friday so I should get a chance to at least try it out in a game of Malifaux.

I have 1 more model for my Rasputina crew (a converted Wendigo) and once that's done it's back to the Guild!



  1. Friday is going to hurt...good luck Misaki!

    1. I have a growing number of models that seem to like eating other models

    2. Who knew it would be the Wendigo that would end up eating everybody?