Monday, 18 May 2015

A newer new Flesh Golem for Malifaux

Another quick side-step through the breach!  I have 3 more projects for my Ressurectionist for Malifaux on my desk and I'd like to get them all done before the Molly box set comes out.

Project number one is the smallest (by model count anyway), and was already half-way done; the newest plastic Flesh Golem.

To be honest I had really mixed feelings about this figure.  On one hand it's an excellent sculpt, with great detail and in spite of being a lumbering monster really captures a sense of energy and movement.  On the other hand other than the pose and the 'victim' it's identical to the previous model, so I feel using the two side-by-side will be overly uniform.

Next up for Malifaux will be the Rotten Belles and University Of Transmortis set and then I'm all caught up!

But having said that; tomorrow.....ROBOTECH!


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