Friday, 15 May 2015

I'm Mad Maxing!

With the imminent release of Mad Max: Fury Road myself and many of my hobbyist friends across North America seem to be frantically chopping and swapping car parts to come up with models for some cool car games.

I want to preface this post by saying that although I have been enjoying this genre for more years than I should probably admit I got motivated to drag everything back out by my friend Dave Taylor's post on his awesome blog.  So thanks Dave for re-stoking the fire!

So without further ado I decided to haul out what's in the motor-pool so far and then decide on a new project from there.

I started off vehicle combat gaming with Car Wars by Steve Jackson Games which is still to this day my favourite system for this particular type of mayhem.  Having said that my first foray into gaming the genre with models came courtesy of Games Workshop and their under appreciated Dark Future game.  years ago I lost all my Dark Future stuff in a move but a couple of years back my friend Andrew generously gave me 2 of his Sanctioned Ops Interceptors to paint.  These vehicles were the result.

I've got to say I still really like the Dark Future models and I would desperately like to get my hands on another box set if I can ever find one!

Next up I started a collection of gangers from the Aberrant Games Warlands line.  To be completely honest I've never played the game but I've used their models for an assortment of other vehicle combat games.  What's also handy is that they offer an accessory pack you can use to modify existing vehicle models you have (like Hot Wheels or Matchbox) to arm and armour them.

I felt the buggies in particular really captured the feel of the second and third Mad Max movies.

It wouldn't feel like Mad Max if the Main Force Patrol wasn't represented so here are my three MFP Interceptors.

If I needed to bolster the bad guys I'm sure one of these could be "borrowed" by The Nightrider.

And finally from my pool of existing models my collection would feel woefully incomplete if it didn't included Mad himself and his dog (I believe named Dog).

Onward to the future!  Although I've certainly got an adequate amount of vehicles to game with I don't feel like I'm participating unless I paint something new.  I decided to go off-book (for my anyway) and rather than build and paint a gaming model I've gone with a modified Hot Wheels car.

Basically I started off with a Ford Model A and removed the roof and windscreen.  I added off-road tires from a different Hot Wheels buggy and then bolted on a supplemental fuel tank from the Warlands accessory pack I referenced earlier and an extra machine gun I had from a Flames Of War tank.

I'll be priming this before I leave for work today and then if everything goes to plan I'll paint and assemble when I get home tonight!

Drive offensively!



  1. Dam-it J, now I want to play some type of Car Wars game.

    1. Everyone should be playing some sort of Car Wars game!