Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Hobby Grab Bag - scattershot edition

Made a lot of movement on projects today...can't say I got a lot done.

First up my Tomahawks/Warhammers for Robotech/Battletech are all done except for the decals...the tiny, tiny decals.

In anticipation of the day I'm not terrified of tiny decals I also built my next mecha project.  The VF-1J Veritech that will be piloted by Rick Hunter.  I decided to start off with the Veritechs that I got in the box game representing Vermillion Team, so I will be painting a VF-1J for Rick Hunter, 2 VF-1As for Max Sterling and Ben Dixon and then 2 generic VF-1A 'Brownies'.  When I get my next box of Veritechs I'll add Skull 1 and a VF-1A for Miriya...but that feels a long way away.

After my last game of Malifaux where my Flesh Construct was a total rock-star I decided I needed a second one to add before my next game.  So hopefully this guy will be done in time for making some bad things happen.

Hopefully tomorrow....FINISHED models.


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