Sunday, 7 June 2015

NOW I'm playing Malifaux!

As I've mentioned in the past I played a lot of first edition Malifaux and at the time I originally got into the game the only crews I played with were the Resurrectionists.  I played with 3 different masters and but there was always one constant; the Belles.

Since I picked up playing again with second edition I have bounced between Arcanists, Resurrectionists, Guild and Outcasts so I never really got a theme going.  I've got to say, not having zombie harlots at my beck and call always made me feel like I wasn't really playing Malifaux.

Tonight my new Rotten Belles have joined the collection and are ready to entice some unsuspecting opponents into their necrotic embrace!

With the Belles done I have fulfilled my goal of competing my outstanding Resurrectionist painting projects before moving on to the Take Back The Night crew box.

So starting tomorrow I'll be working on Molly and her minions.....

And the Crooligans.....

Stay tuned!


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