Tuesday, 9 June 2015

Take Back The Night - Getting progressively more creepy

I was a lot closer to being done Philip and The Nanny than I realised late last night and I just spent about a half-hour finishing them up.

So at this point I have 3 of the 6 models from the Take Back The Night box done, basically the models that would be traditionally thought of as "characters" in most war games.

Molly is the leader and in-spite of her delicate appearance is incredibly hard to kill.  She has host of interesting abilities like the ability to create Belles out of thin air (glad I painted those models already), and she can also buff her allies and help them move around quickly.  The Necrotic Machine as I mentioned before is her sidekick and is both able to apply negative conditions (like poison) to enemy models and can also help allies move around more quickly.  Last but not least is Philip and The Nanny.  Philip can lead the crew in smaller games if I'm not using Molly and is great at preventing opponents from taking interact actions (which is usually how scenarios are won in games of Malifaux).

The remaining 3 models in the box are the Crooligans who are basically soulless evil children....so this crew isn't going to be getting any less creepy any time soon.


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