Tuesday, 7 February 2017

Looks like the Angel gang is riding into town...

I recently played a game of This Is Not A Test with a more "traditional" mutant warband where the members were humans affected by radiation rather than human/animal hybrids.

The Inheritors did pretty poorly in the first 3-4 turns of the game but towards the end the momentum (and the two-handed sledge hammer) swung their way and they were able to make a respectable showing of themselves.

As is tradition in the post-game sequence my warband got a little beaten up but also acquired enough barter scrip to add on to their gang.  This set me to looking for another figure that would fit in with the clearly mutated but still mostly homosapien warband.  This led me to my collection of Judge Dredd figs.

I've had Fink Angel sitting half done since Christmas so I decided to finish him up first and then see where he slots into the warband.

I wish I had thought ahead a bit more because truthfully I have other mutants that are a better fit and more functional (you mat see one or two before the end of the week).  Having said that I painted Mean Machine Angel awhile back and if I can ever lay my hands on figures for Pa and Junior they might turn into a playable warband for a Judge Dredd game.

I don't know which Cursed Earth Fink will wander but he'll wander one of them.


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