Tuesday, 14 February 2017

Polly Prissypants

The cowboy (cowgirl?) collection continues to grow.  I desperately wanted a female to add to my posse because...reasons (certainly not because I can't get the South Park Wild Wild West episode out of my head) and without having planned ahead properly that turned out to be a super difficult thing to get my hands on unless I wanted to change scales significantly and switch over to Malifaux figures.  Luckily my buddy Andrew stepped up and donated a Deadlands Rail Wars miniature to the cause.  Normally a Deadlands Rail Wars figure would have been way too tall and slightly too bulky but luckily for me because this figure is posed crouched down a bit and with her arms in close to her body it conceals those disparities in scale with my Black Scorpion miniatures.

Polly will end up being another character model so tonight/tomorrow I need to get all my basic cowpokes done.

Any suggestions on a Cartman-as-Jim-West figure?


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