Wednesday, 1 February 2017


I'm gearing up to jump back into a game from the way back machine that I always enjoyed but never felt I got enough opportunities to play; Warhammer Legends Of The Old West!

About 15 years ago Black Library/Games Workshop created a separate division called Warhammer Historicals dedicated to producing historical rather than fantasy or sci-fi games.  They never found a big audience for the games but they were well thought out games built around existing GW rules sets that already had loyal followings.

Legends Of The Old West was always my favourite for two reasons:
1.  I'm much more enthusiastic about gaming that time period than 'ancients' (which is cool, its just wasn't my thing)
2.  It's built up off my favourite GW rules; Lord Of The Rings (the pre-Hobbit version of the current Hobbit rules).

I hadn't thought about the game in years and then I saw a friend had the rulebook, somebody said "we should play" and a week later I had 12 cowboy models on my desk.

Today's addition is the infamous Billy The Kid.

The Kid is a really flexible miniature for Legends Of The West because he's youthful looking, well-equipped, and a named character for the game.  So I can use him lots of different ways.

I've got a couple of different irons in the fire right now but there are definitely more cowboys looming on the horizon.


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