Wednesday, 8 February 2017

The leader of Marten's Marauders

I'm just over a week away from my first game of Legends Of The Old West in over a decade.  Today my second of three heroes, I'll be calling him Marten (for now) but he is in fact the Pat Garrett miniature from Black Scorpion.  So somehow I've started my cowboy collection with Billy The Kid and the man who killed Billy The Kid.

Two things really appealed to me about this miniature.  First up his cigar while not a utilitarian option for a wargamming piece makes him feel like a man of wealth and taste, secondly his layered clothing let me play with the colour palette a bit and paint his pants and jacket (under his full coat) like a traditional 'Canadian Tuxedo', overall that makes him feel like he could fit in the old west or possibly a western themed post-apocalyptic game.

I'm still looking for a miniature to be my third hero but in the meantime I will probably just get started on my grunts.

We'll see what's next if I don't get distracted.....hey! these Walking Dead figures look cool.....


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