Monday, 20 March 2017

Cocky Hedge Knight

The most exciting news (for me anyway) to come out of GAMA this past week was the announcement that there will be a Song Of Ice And Fire miniatures game released next year with miniatures by Darksword Miniatures who already produce an excellent looking George R.R. Martin line of figures.

I have used a few Darksword models in the past for Forstgrave and had just finished another for a character for a D&D game.  I needed a traditional 1st level fighter miniature which in this particular case meant; chainmail, sword & shield.  My two choices on hand were Bronn or the Cocky Hedge Knight, I went with the Hedge Knight as he was slightly more heavily armoured.

The figure was perfect for what I needed (his shield is on his back) and he very much has the feel of being based off old Jeff Easley artwork.  In addition one of the things I like about the figure with Game Of Thrones in mind is that the face and head look like a younger version of Ser Allister Thorne from the TV show.

I've got 2 more player character models to get done for this game and then hopefully we're off to the races.


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