Thursday, 16 March 2017


Since the release of Age Of Sigmar Games Workshop has been steadily adding to the Sigmarite and Khorne ranges introduced in the game.  At first when they came out I was pretty excited about the Sigmarites but as time wore on I realized I didn't actually have a need for the figures and I wasn't playing Age Of Sigmar enough at the time to start a whole new army.  The Khorne figures lingered on the periphery of my consciousness as I generally preferred the figures and could easily see introducing the more savage lightly armoured figures into a fantasy RPG.

One of the things I'm really appreciating about Games Workshop's releases for their main games lately is that they are functional over more than one game.  So today's addition the Khorne Slaughterpriest is in fact used as an option in three different current game systems; Age Of Sigmar, Gorechosen & Warhammer Quest.

The Slaughterpriest is an amazingly well textured and detailed figure.  In addition to his cross-system functionality he would make a pretty great villain for a fantasy RPG.

I managed to get in my first two games of Gorechosen with him (he did not do well), and really enjoyed his theme and look.  It feels like I'm more likely to play Tzeentch than Khorne when I circle back to Age Of Sigmar but I may start using him to explore the Silver Tower soon.

I finally caught a break on the weather so Pig-Men (and 3 D&D models) should be seeing some primer later tonight!


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