Thursday, 2 March 2017

The horrors....the horrors.....

For the first time in over a week I got to sit down today at my desk and make a concerted effort to get some painting done.  Today I consciously decided to go a bit off task for reasons that in hindsight I feel either shows my evolution as a hobbyist or my lack-thereof (it's a question of perspective).

The running joke with most miniature gamers is that they buy WAY more than they paint.  A few years ago I made a conscious decision that I was going to get away from that stereotype and not only work through my backlog but also stop buying miniatures at a faster rate than I know I can get them done.  For the most part I think I've been pretty successful at this with a few small exceptions.  However this past weekend something happened that challenged both my willpower to stick with that plan and my general interpretation of how I stick to it.

When it was released last year I got a copy of Warhammer Quest Silver Tower from my FLGS Lords Of War here in Oakville.  The game looks brilliant and the models are great but I haven't actually played it, or even planned to play it yet so I wasn't really in any great rush to start painting models for it.  Fast forward to last weekend and Warhammer Quest Shadows Over Hammerhal was released.  I want to buy it (I REALLY want to buy it) but it's hard to justify given that I had another huge Warhammer Quest box set just sitting in my office collecting dust.  So a smart person might have thought 'I don't need that new game, I've got something perfectly adequate right here' but that seemed like quitter talk to me.  So instead my inner-monologue convinced me that if I can power through most or all of the Silver Tower set in a week or two then I can justify the new game box.

Fast-forward to today and I got my first 10 models from Silver Tower done and my next 16 models 50-75% done.  At the rate I'm going I should be able to  have most of the antagonist side done by Monday.

Today's project was Horrors.  The concept behind the horrors is neat as the idea is that you start off with a Pink Horrors and if you "kill" it it actually splits into 2 Blue Horrors...and then if you "kill" those they split into 2 Brimstone Horrors.  So basically its one of those nightmare scenarios where the more you kill, the more you have to fight.

I really enjoyed painting these models.  They're right in my wheelhouse in that they are heavily textured without being overly busy on the detail side so a single wash and highlight can do 90% of the work for you.  Given how much I enjoyed painting these and how cool the Tzangors and Kharic Acolytes look I may have to consider doing a Tzeentch army at some point in the not too distant future.

I'm really looking forward to trying the game out, hopefully in April as March is a stupidly busy month for me already.



  1. I was on the same program for awhile. Just buy what I intend to paint & play. Somehow late last year into this year that got chucked out the window. I am trying to play paint catch up too.
    It took me all last summer to finish painting WHQST. Stick to it, that first game with a fully painted set will be 100% worth it.
    A small piece of advice/info; Hammerhall has full sets of figures in it. Meaning the Tzeentch cultists have command. I wish I knew this before picking up a box just for the command to fill out my unit.

    1. Thanks man!

      I think I'm starting off with my Tzeentch stuff in a Path To Glory game so I won't be rushing out to but more stuff until Silver Tower (and then Hammerhall) are done.

      Who knew I'd start playing Chaos for Age Of Sigmar? Not me.

  2. I'm also starting a Tzeentch force powered by my Silver Tower set. And also, starting with a warband....
    Great minds think alike.