Saturday, 4 March 2017

Grot Scutlings

Last night I finished up my Grot Scutlings for Silver Tower.  The idea behind these guys is that they were once normal grots (goblins basically) who ventured uninvited to the Silver Tower and then were transformed into goblin-spider hybrid creatures by the warping powers of Tzeentch.

I really like the idea behind these figures and they are decently executed but to be honest they feel a little out of place (like the skaven that comes in the game) and I think the space on the sprue could have been better used for more twisted Tzeentch creatures.

That leaves me with three more small batches of figures to paint for Silver Tower (Tzaangors, Acolytes & Familiars) and then there will be heroes and individual character-style monsters to paint.


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