Monday, 3 February 2014


My much delayed Elves are finally done for Lord Of The Rings!

I still have a few more characters I want to add but I think I can now in good faith start looking at elf miniatures from The Hobbit.

My last dozen figures were basically a repeat of my first dozen figures, 12 of the basic plastic elf troop models that used to come 24 to a box.

At the start of my last game I was really lamenting the fact that I didn't have more Galahdrim Warriors (the armoured Wood Elves) and less of these guys but by the end of the game I really felt that the basic models were more bang for the buck point-wise.  The great thing about the Galahdrim is that they have a higher basic Defense stat and they can add shields on top of that to bolster it whereas the basic Wood Elves have a lowly Defense of 3 and are quite easy to take out once you hit them....once you hit them.  This is one of those things that I can never wrap my head around until I've actually played a game with models on the table.  Although I was well aware that my elven cloaks would protect my lightly armoured troops from shooting while they crossed the table I was sure that once they got into melee their Defense 3 would be their downfall.  What I forgot was that a low Defense in Lord Of The Rings is not that big a deal if you pair it with a high Fight value.  So basically my regular troops were immune to bow-fire and won two-thirds of their fights so their low Defense stat seldom became an issue.

If it hadn't taken me a year to get around to finishing these guys I think I'd be headed out the door to get another box!


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