Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Thrullg (I swear that's not a typo)

Finished up one of my optional baddies for my Witchfire game today; the Thrullg.

The Thrullg is a really cool monster from the Iron Kingdoms setting, it's basically like the Rust Monster but it "eats" magic rather than metal.  I also like the figure because in a pinch I think it would be a good substitute for a generic Cthulhu monster if I ever needed one.

I also wanted to share an "ah ha" moment I had while prepping to do some photographs today.  When Wyrd first released their Terraclips scenery the one thing I didn't like about it is that there is a grid of one-inch squares printed on all the base pieces.  It was never an issue for Malifaux but if I was playing a game where sometimes guessing distance is an issue I wouldn't want it to be there, however now that I'm gearing up to run an RPG in a fantasy steam punk setting suddenly discovering I have a ready made set of floor tiles wasn't exactly a bad thing.



  1. It's one of the reasons I love that terrain! I've loaned mine out to the local Henchman at the Hobby Kingdom, but I'll be using it (and their Dungeon sets) in my new RPG!

    1. I've got 2 sets of each, 1 really didn't seem like enough to do anything useful.