Friday, 21 February 2014

No no no Fishy, I am the law!

What have I said in the past about me having hobby A.D.D.?  After spending some time trying to decide if my 28mm sci-fi focus this year will be on Warzone or 40K I've finally settled on Judge Dredd.....

When I decided to play Judge Dredd I ran up against a principle in war gaming that is in some circles referred to as "the Zulu problem".  The origin of the name is centered on the idea that tons of war gamers like to plan and play the Battle Of Rourke's Drift (as seen in the movie Zulu), the 'problem' part of the name is based on the idea that EVERYONE wants to play the British and no one wants to play the Zulus.  There are a ton of different forces you can play in Judge Dredd but EVERYONE wants to play the judges, how do we solve this problem?  The good folks at Mongoose and/or Warlord have thought ahead and built their own practical and thematically appropriate solution into the game.  Ladies and gentlemen please allow me to introduce Chief Judge Cal!

Judge Cal was the villain in a story line way back when where he rose to the position of Chief Judge, then promptly went insane (naming his fish Fishy Deputy Chief Judge just in-case you couldn't tell he was insane before) and brain-washed most of the Judges of Mega-City One into following his edicts.

By choosing to play a Judge Cal force I will be able to use most of the Judge figures I have already painted while talking in a voice like Hedonism-bot from Futurama while gaming.

Thankfully now that I've made that decision I can put away my Warzone and 40K figures for now......say, did the Imperial Knight just go up for pre-order?



  1. Yes, yes it did :)

    Also, the vision of playing against a maniacally insane Judge while my opponent speaks like Hedonism Bot may be the best war game ever imagined by man.

    1. So then the question becomes; have you picked up any Judge Dredd figures yet?

    2. Do three separate gangs for Necro count?

    3. The rulebook is a free download...just sayin'....

  2. you know what's worse than hobby A.D.D.
    Hobby A.D.D. being altered by what I call the yawn principle (if you see someone else yawn most likely you will feel the urge to yawn)

    now I must go find/dig out those judges I got from the kickstarter

    1. I know your pain Brad I'm the EXACT same way. I decided to be more focussed this year and yet the second I saw the Imperial Knight I was off to pre-order one.

      The nice thing about starting forces for Judge Dredd is you can paint 8-10 models (or 2-4 if you're doing Judges) and you're ready to game so you can get back to whatever you should have been working on before you got distracted.