Sunday, 7 February 2016

And now, a more academically inclined wizard...

My Frostgrave warband has been coming along quite nicely both in terms of adding models to my collection as well as giving me constant excuses to paint new and only slightly different models.

Today I decided to circle back and update a character in my warband.  Professor Viatle has been the leader of my warband since I began the Thaw Of The Lich Lord campaign but I was never entirely happy with the miniature I was using.  When I first started the warband I had decided to use an old Lord Of The Rings model (Malbeth The Seer) but it once again fell into the 'old man with staff' look for a wizard and I'm honestly sick to death of that.

I wanted someone who looked mature but not 90+ years old and I also wanted to get away from the long robes and huge staff that most wizard figures favour.  The other concern with Frostgrave is that if I don't want to be endlessly mocked (and my fragile ego could never take that) then the figure must also look like they are equipped to deal with cold weather.

Sitting in a pile of figures I forgot I had I came across this Reaper Pathfinder model who was PERFECT for an updated version of Professor Vitale!

I love the layers on this figure, it really captures the feel of a lot of the Pathfinder artwork with characters looking like they are geared up for adventure in a utilitarian sort of way instead of a high fantasy artwork sort of way.

It was really nice to get this done because it always struck me as odd that the only figure in my warband I was never really excited about was it's leader and most powerful member.


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