Sunday, 28 February 2016

First 2 Ravenloft Player Character models

As we close in on the early release date for Ravenloft (is it March 4th yet?) I'm working behind the scenes on the monsters and NPCs that we'll need.

Having said that I have 2 players that may or may not have models for their characters.  In any event I decided to get 2 figures done for them so we have them if we need them.  The real trick is that I needed two figures wearing scalemail, luckily Warhammer High Elves are multi-piece models (so  they're fairly easy to work with) and most of them dress in scalemail.

First up is Therien.  Therien is a wood elf cleric hailing from the Ravenloft domain of Sithicus.  For those of you unfamiliar with the setting; Sithicus is a twisted mirror slice of Ansalon from the Dragonlance campaign setting.  Therien is armed with a mace (which I couldn't find a bit for) and a crossbow.

Next up is Mark.  Mark is a human ranger from Ansalon from the Dragonlance campaign setting.  Mark uses two hand weapons and a longbow and is built entirely out of parts from the Shadow Warriors sprues.

I intentionally chose to do Therien and Mark up to look very similar for a few reasons:
1.  (practical)  I was using the Shadow Warriors as a base for both characters so whether I wanted to or not they were always going to look similar anyway.
2.  One of them is from the Dragonlance campaign setting and one of them is from a shadow version of that same setting and they are both from a woodland background so they should be somewhat similar stylistically.
3.  Everyone and everything in Ravenloft has some sort of dark secret, there are no coincidences, and this visual similarity may/will tease a later connection.


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