Friday, 26 February 2016

Some ramage to carry you through until next weeek

Most of my painting this past week is staying under wraps until the players in my Ravenloft game get started in a few weeks.

Having said that I did manage to wrap up a couple of figures that have been hanging out on my desk half-done for about a month or so.

First up Jon Snow from Darksword miniatures.  I haven't decided exactly what to use Jon Snow as yet and to be perfectly honest I wasn't as excited about him as I was about his pal Samwell earlier.

Jon is a perfectly adequate fantasy fighter/ranger/maybe-rogue miniature but there's nothing about the figure that truly jumps out at me.  Part of it might be the colour-scheme, but if he's a member of the Night's Watch there's not going to be much variation on that.

Next up is a Flesh Golem for Frostgrave.

This figure is also pretty basic but in this case that worked really well for me.  In the past every type of flesh golem figure I have gotten has either been monstrously large or overdone for my taste.  This one is a lot more basic which should work for me in multiple games.

I'm hoping before the weekend is out to finish two player character models that I can show for my game and possibly the count himself (hey, if he's on the module cover they can't exactly be surprised when he shows up).


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