Sunday, 21 February 2016

Gamma World - Gallus Gallus

The apocalypse is starting to get a bit weird around my place...

After getting ahead a bit on my Frostgrave project and deciding I'm going to hold off on posting my Ravenloft stuff until my players begin to see it I've had some time to circle back to some of my post-apocalyptic gaming stuff.

First up (for this year anyway) are the Gallus Gallus (chicken-men) for Gamma World.  These awesome figures as well as some others you should be seeing by the end of this week are from Interloper Miniatures.  Interloper has a fun range of pulp sci-fi figures that don't exist anywhere else in the market.

I will be using these guys for some games of This Is Not A Test in the near future, but before then there will be some more chicken-men and possibly some rabbit-men on the way as well.



  1. is that scenery the mantic games stuff in the background?

    1. No, it's actually the wall from the Heroscape Marvel Super Heroes set