Saturday, 6 February 2016

Dual purpose/Dual Wield

I'm playing in a Dungeon Crawl Classics game once more, this time as a thief with a short sword and an assortment of daggers.
I don't have a lot of figures that are armoured but lightly armoured in my backlog so I built something out a Bretonian man-at-arms and added some appropriate weapon arms from the Frostgrave soldier sprue.

Thus was born Jaqar; 4th level thief and member of the guild of The Grasping Hand.

The other thing that worked out about this is that I also needed a Treasure Hunter for Frostgrave and Jaqar will be doing double duty.  In Frostgrave most of the basic soldier types have 2 or 3 tiers of skill and value.  A Treasure Hunter is basic an upgraded thief,  So they're quick and lightly armoured but slightly more survivable than a starting thief and they also pack a stronger punch.

Painting one figure and getting 2 separate immediate uses out of it feels extra productive.


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