Friday, 7 October 2016

If you go down to the woods today, we'll flay your friggin' hide!

That's how the song goes isn't it?

So in addition to finishing my Dark Avengers this morning I was also able to get my first unit of Dryads done this evening.  So if nothing else this feels like a productive day hobby-wise.

My struggle thus far with getting my Sylvaneth force really going has been that how I picture it doesn't entirely align with the background.  Rather than just fierce or militant forest spirits I actually like the idea of evil haunted woods (you can take the boy out of Sylvania but you can't take Sylvania out of the boy).  To that end I have gone with a bare minimum of vegetation on my Dryads and I've based them with a scorched malignant theme with the odd bit of scrub peeking out.

They're very basic, and honestly a little flat, but I actually like the overall effect.  I'm definitely doing at least one more unit of basic Dryads but I'm not sure what's next after that.  I've got some Treemen but the more I look at them the less I like the models.  I'm feeling a bit more inclined to maybe try using the Lord Of The Rings Treemen instead of the Warhammer Treemen but I want to start with one first and see how they scale together.

More on this to come?  I think?  Maybe?


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