Thursday, 27 October 2016

The first of the Grave Guard

I've decided to put all my current ongoing projects on the shelf for a few days and get some more seasonally (Halloween) appropriate stuff done.

Not much of a stretch for me given that I've got a lot of horror themed gaming going on in general but its an excuse to circle back to a few things.

Last year I touched up and re-based my armoured skeletons for Age Of Sigmar but I've had them for years so I ended up leaving them with my friend Darren in Vancouver.  That created a gap in my collection that I've been meaning to fill with some of the current GW plastics for a while.

So last night I finished my first five Grave Guard.

In my initial box of 10 I split it as half hand weapon and shield and half double-handed weapons as I am more likely to use these figures for Frostgrave or an RPG before I need a unit worth of them for Age Of Sigmar.

If all goes to plan the next 5 will show up here either late tonight or  early tomorrow.


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