Saturday, 29 October 2016

The scariest ghosts EVER!

Several months ago I bought a bunch of Super Dungeon Explore sets with a number of thoughts in mind.  I was still considering whether or not Zoe would eventually want to play a game (or paint some more figures) and I thought the cute chibi figures might be more appealing to her.  I stuck with horror-themed sets as it still tied with all the scenery I have and at the time she was on a big Hotel Transylvania kick.  It never quite materialised into anything but I keep looking at the figures and thinking they would be fun to do and play with anyway so I decided to get started today.

The first set I got was Beatrix The Witch Queen who also came with six ghosts.  I decided to kickoff my Super Dungeon Explore collection with the ghosts because I felt they tied in with my Halloween theme and I also knew they would be quick and easy to paint.  I've always found that if you can start off on a roll feeling good about getting something done it makes it way easier to keep energised and moving on to the next thing.

I undercoated the models grey and then went back to ghetto-airbrushing (I've got to copyright that term...) the white on top.  After that I simply filled in all the holes in the sheets with Thraka Green and painted the eyes and bases.  Easy-peasy.

They're basic but I'm happy with how they turned out.  My plan for tomorrow is to try to get 10 of the Stilt Town Zombies done.

It makes Halloween feel a little more silly and a little more fun!


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