Saturday, 29 October 2016

More Grave Guard!

Yesterday was a bit wonky timeline-wise so even though I was able to get these guys done yesterday morning I didn't end up doing any non-work stuff on my computer for the rest of the day so here we are.

As I mentioned in my last post I actually split my first box of Grave Guard so they're not very functional as an Age Of Sigmar unit but should see lots of other uses.  The funny thing is when I built the models I actually preferred the look of the models with the double-handed weapons but now that I've painted them I think the hand-weapon and shield guys turned out a bit better because I was able to inject a bit more colour.

I'm going to be sticking with the horror theme but I'm going to go a slightly different direction with it for the next 3 days and paint some figures I've had for a few months for a game I still haven't played yet.

New shiny stuff!


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