Tuesday, 25 October 2016

MI-13 is full of character(s)

As part  of my ongoing project to get a Konflikt '47 force done I need to get a command section done.  I'll be using the MI-13 commandos from Incursion for my actual squaddies but I also need to get some officers to lead them.  The truth is I'm painting ahead of getting my rulebook in hand so I'm not 100% sure how I'll stat these guys out but I'm sure at least one or two of them will work.

First up is Black Jack.  Black Jack is a named character for Secrets Of The Third Reich and although I got him painted awhile back I circled back and repainted about half of him to make him blend in with the troopers I just painted.  I also removed him from the 40mm base I originally had him on and re-based him on a 32mm base.

Black Jack is basically a diesel-punk cyborg and general all around hard-man.  He's got an over-sized revolver and a big chunky power-fist.  The figure can with a variant gun hand but it was firing a Vickers machine-gun single-handed and that honestly looked ridiculous to me.

Next up is Zip Kelly "The Hurricane".  I bought Zip just because I thought he looked cool and until I got him out of his blister pack I just assumed he was going to have a jet-pack.

Zip looks more like a pulp-era hero than a soldier to me.  I can easily picture him being the star of a radio drama and if someone was looking to set a DC Comics game of any sort during WW2 he'd make a perfect Spy-Smasher figure.  Unfortunately for me Zip is yet another case of 'he looked better before the photo' for me, at a distance he's fine but on closer magnification his chest emblem looks rough.

Last but not least is Paddy Mayne.  Paddy is the named character/leader that comes in the MI-13 starter for Incursion.  My instinct tells me that Paddy is the least likely to end up serving as an officer in my force as most games don't allow for leaders and single characters to be armed with heavy weapons.

Of the three figures Paddy is the most basic, that's probably why I like how he turned out the best.  There's absolutely nothing fancy about Paddy and he feels like he suits the setting perfectly.

I've got 6 more commandos to paint and then I'm think I'm done with weird wars stuff until I can find an appropriate robot for Konflikt.

I think I might detour off my plans for a few days and get some Halloween-y stuff done before Monday.



  1. Nice call out on Spy smasher; I thought the same thing! Well, that and 'Spy Swatter' from the brilliant J-Men Forever...

    1. Thanks! I would have to have gone with a different colour palette but the sculpt works.