Monday, 18 March 2013

A superhero (or villain) for every occasion.

It's not often I get stricken by hobby A.D.D. but still manage to get a bunch of somewhat related stuff done but today was one of those days.

First up on the DC Adventures side I diverged slightly from doing up super-villains to do up some not-quite-villains but definitely not heroes....okay I just broke down and painted 2 more Secret Six characters!  Have I mentionned you should all read Secret Six?  You should all read Secret Six.
The two additions to the Secret Six tonight (joining previous alums Deadshot & Catman) are Scandal Savage and King Shark.  Scandal Savage is the daughter of better known villain Vandal Savage and is basically an imortal with an accelerated healing factor and a great deal of combat expertise.  King Shark is...well a shark king basically.  The Secret Six comic had a ton of great moments but one of my favourite is still King Shark charging at a fortified building surrounded by sentry guns repeatedly yelling "I'M A SHARK!", he's a DC Comics villain who seems like he'd be right at home fighting The Tick.

Next up is another DC Adventures project but not intended for either of the 2 games I might be playing/running.  Right before DC Adventures was released Green Ronin published an introductory scenario to lay down the basics for new players and to serve (I think) as a demo for those undecided on whether or not they were purchasing.  That scenario pitted Superboy against Knockout (who was also briefly a member of The Secret Six).  I've printed out multiple copies of that intro scenario and given them to friends to get a feel for the rules so I thought it might be wise to get some figures done up in case I want to actually play through the scenario.

Lastly another one of those diversions that happens when the comic-fan part of my mind wanders.  I've been an Avengers fan for a long time and I've often thought 'what would the coolest/most interesting Avengers team be?'.  I don't mean most powerful or most effective, I mean what team made up of past or present Avengers would be most interesting to feature in a story together.  For me super-team stories are always the most fun when not everybody on the team gets along, so my first 2 team members (who I have already got in my collection conveniently) would be Ares & Ms Marvel.  My next 2 additions for both the resumes they bring to the table as well as their charming personalities would be; US Agent & Iron Patriot.  Don't know that these 2 figures will see the tabletop anytime soon and I'm also hoping for a newer more detailled Iron Patriot figure when the inevitable Iron-Man 3 Heroclix set comes out but until then these 2 figures will stand ready to defend freedom (their version of it anyway) from any who oppose them.


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