Sunday, 17 March 2013

Gotham City Baddies

Back to Gotham City it is!  I've started building up a cast of villains to use, I'm not sure who to actually use in my first game but I want to get a stable of characters done beyond the A-list Batman baddies (Joker, Riddler, Two-Face, Penguin, etc).

My first pick is Deathstroke.  I've presonally never liked Deathstroke as a comics character and it's ultimately really unlikely I'll end up using him but he seemed like a good fit for the PL of the game and I had the figure on-hand.  I'm also potentially going to be running a game with a player or two who are big-time Teen Titans fans so if that ends up being the case Deathstroke comes across as a truly villanous character to them with me barely having to establish the fact in game.

 I chose Livewire because it's likely the comics fans in my group won't have much more knowledge about her than the non-comic fans.  Livewire was introduced in the Superman Animated Series and has made a few appearances in DC comics since then but is relatively unknown.  The figure is kind of neat with it's electricity effect and of all the clix I own it is the one who's Bruce Timm heritage shines through the brightest.

And third on my list but number one in my heart; Deadshot.  I've mentionned a few times previously on the blog how much I loved Secret Six (you should all go out and read Secret Six by the way...) and Deadshot is one of the core members.  What's not to like about this character?  His costume is cool, he straddles the line between villain and anti-hero so you can still root for him, and until New 52 he came across as unflappable in any situation.

Those are my first selections for potential bad-guy-of-the-week we'll see if anything else comes to mind in the next few days.
.....hmm....Secret Six......


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