Sunday, 17 March 2013

Some multi-use Clix

I mentionned in my last post that while digging out a few superhero figures I can across some other figures that would work well for Shadowrun (not to mention a variety of other games as well).

This morning I've got 2 of those figures to show.  One of them I do a have a very specific purpose in mind for but the other is one of those  'I can use this for anything!' type figs.

First up is a completely repainted Unus The Untouchable figure.  Unus is an old school X-Men villain and one of the original (if I recall correctly) members of The Brotherhood Of Evil Mutants.  I've never really liked the character and the original paint job was ugly as sin but I might be playing in a PL10 superhero campaign that's basically a 'tights-free' zone so I thought he'd be perfect as my character model if it ends up coming together.  The character concept is basically police officer by day, vigiliante by night using the paragon archtype straight from the DC Adventures main rule book.  That's the plan but I think this guy would also make a decent golden-age era adventurer figure as well.

My second fig is just a touch up and he barely required any touching up at all.  Another cool detective/undercover agent/MiB type who should be useful in; supers, modern and near future games.  Not much to say about this guy other than the fact that when I get a fig like this out of a blind pack I'm always super-happy because I know I would never actually use it for Heroclix so I have no issues with hacking it off the base and it will get used dozens of times for many different games.

Hopefully I'll be taking everybody back to Gotham for a second time tonight!


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