Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Back to Gotham!

I decided to get myself back in the painting swing by taking on a couple of decidedly faster, easier projects.  To that end I hauled out my box of Heroclix with the goal of doing some more touchups for my eventual DC Adventures game.

Last night I rebased and fixed up 5 figures that should be great if I run things in a "What-If?" or "Elseworlds" vein.

First up are the Batman of the near future Damian Wayne and the last pre-52 Batgirl Stephanie Brown.  I'll be honest that I don't know much about Damian Wayne but I thought the costume was a cool variant on the basic Batman costume and would work in some different settings.  Stephanie Brown is by far my favourite Batgirl and has been in editorial purgatory (for no reason anyone seems to be able to determine) since DCs new-52 reboot.

The Questions are detectives who (the original atleast) is the inspiration for the Rorschach character in Watchmen.  I first became a fan of The Question through his depiction in the DC Animated Justice League Unlimited cartoons (I can hear my serious comic friends cringing as I type this).

And last but not least is Black Mask.  Black Mask is one of those great Batman villains that straddles the line between being cartoonish and just being a noir character with some slightly odd clothing choices.

The other exciting thing about getting these done for me is that I found some figures that should work really well for Shadowrun while I was going through my clix.



  1. That Damian Wayne Batman is pretty sweet; reminds me of Gotham by Gaslight a bit. I got the Black Glove hardcover from the library where they introduce him (and his future self) and highly recommend it!

    And yes, for a guy with as much comics cred as you to have come across The Question via the (undeniably awesome) JLU cartoon is inconceivable. Denny O'Neil and Denys Cowan did some great stuff on that book back in the day.

    1. The funny thing Steve is I had the exact same thought about that Damian Wayne fig. Funny that the Batman of the future made both of us instantly think of the Batman of the alternate past.

      As to The Question, back in the day I was a hugs Marvel fan and barely knew anything about what was going on at DC. The funny thing is the two things that revived my interest in DC were the 52 Limited (not so limited I guess) series and the DC Animated Universe stuff. So for a comics fan my age my DC knowledge is surprisingly sparse, the only DC titles I followed when I was younger were Azrael and Lobo so not exactly stuff that really interacted with the rest of the continuity all that much.

      YOU should check out DC Adventures though. I know you would like it and I suspect your gaming buddies would as well. I'll tease it like this...RPG with no hit points/wounds....