Monday, 25 March 2013

My last batch of supers for the month...I think....

So it looks like I should be playing my first game of Supersystem in nearly a year so I thought I'd finish up a few more heroes and villains before I move away from the genre for a bit and do up some cool sci-fi and modern day characters from movies and TV shows for the next few days.

I've made the last of my additions to the Bat-Family (for now).  The first figure is Batgirl Cassandra Cain, I've always been something of a Batgirl fan but I'll admit I never followed Cassandra Cain in comics.  I do know (from No Man's Land) that she was raised by a father who was a member of the League Of Assasins and broke ranks with the organization taking a vow not to kill.  From what I've heard from friends that vow didn't really last.  In the middle of the shot is Batwoman who made her debut in DCs awesome 52 series.  Batwoman is pretty much a boiler-plate Bat-family character with all the elements you would expect and nothing much beyond that.  The last fig is the Damian Wayne version of Robin who served as Robin during Dick Grayson's run as Batman.

The next batch is some more villains I did up.  I touched-up and rebased Major Force because I'm a HUGE Captain Atom fan and he's the main bad-guy in the pre-New 52 continuity for Captain Atom.  There is no chance I'll be using him in a PL10 DC Adventures game but I like the figure and will definitely use him for something down the road.  Lex Luthor seemed like a figure I needed in the collection just because.  I mean it seems odd to have a bunch of DC comics bad guys and not have Lex Luthor.  Even though he's a Superman villain I also don't see any reason why he couldn't make trouble in Gotham once in awhile.  And lastly a villain I'm almost certain I will use in my DC Adventures game; The Scarecrow.  I've really enjoyed The Scarecrow since Batman The Animated Series and the recent Christopher Nolan movies have cemented Jonathan Crane as one of my favourite Batman rogues.

I also cranked out a few more powerful heroes with no intentions of really using them for anything soon but because I had them and wanted to get them touched-up.  Kyle Rayner was the Green Lantern when I first picked up a Green Lantern comic and even though most fans think Hal Jordan when they think of The Green Lantern Kyle Rayner will always be the Green Lantern to me.  Next up is Supergirl.  I really like how in the last few years WizKids has added a jet-wash effect to flying characters and gotten rid of the weird flying stands they used to have.  last but definitely not least my personal favourite DC Comics hero Captain Atom!  I think I've actually done up Captain Atom 3 or 4 times for various games and one day I'm sure I'll dig through all my figure cases and wonder how that kept happening but for now here he is.  Captain Atom is the original Charlton Comics character on which the character of Dr Manhattan in the Watchmen is loosely based, he's also the go-to guy in the DC Animated Universe when they need a character who's an A-list powerhouse that can either be part of the heroic superteam du jour or can be the antagonist when that superteam becomes a perceived threat to the world.

My next 4 figures will be far more multi-use than these ones were, in fact I'm pretty sure if you have a problem that no one else can solve and you can find them you can hire......



  1. Scarecrow is also rrrreallly well handled in the Arkham Asylum video game, probably my favourite game of the lat 5-10 years.

    1. Thanks Steve, good to know.

      I haven't bought an X-Box game in over a year and even though they're older titles the 2 I was trying to decide between were the 1st Bioshock game or Arkham Asylum. I think you just made my choice for me!

  2. These are looking great Jay. Did you repaint each one or touch them up from the pre-paint jobs? What rules system are you using for the DC RPG?

    also the Arkham games are solid. You never get tired of beating up henchman as the Dark Knight.

    1. Thanks Kev.

      For the most part I have just been doing touchups and re-basing for superhero figs as I find Heroclix start off looking fairly good.

      I'll be using the DC Adventures RPG by Green Ronin Publishing (it's basically 3rd edition Mutants & Masterminds) if I can ever organize my schedule enough to get everyone together.