Sunday, 16 June 2013

Another blast from the recent past: Warmachine Cryx forces

When I started project scrapheap the goal was to get a playable Cryx force out of stuff I had lying around without having to go out and get miniatures because I already had a collection of painted Cryx miniatures I just didn't have ready access to.  I still haven't played my first Warmahordes game of 2013 but guess what found it's way back to me......

First up are my Cryx solos, casters and infantry unit.  These guys are the basic components of any army I've played in the past but the one thing of note in this batch is that The Withershadow Combine is something I painted but never got a chance to play with.  Those might be jumping into a game alongside the forces of project scrapheap.

Next; the jacks!  This is really what Warmachine is all about.  Giant steam-powered-fantasy-robots who can kick, punch, shoot, etc.  One thing I've always liked about the Cryx jacks is that they have a wide variety of rules and options at their disposal and are always interesting.

And last but not least my Cryx 'cavalry'.   The Soulhunters are probably still my favourite Cryx models although in my last few games they had fallen on hard times.  To be perfectly blunt about it; I don't win very often at minis games and after the Soulhunters almost single-handedly won me 2 games in a row I started to rely on them WAY too much to do everything.

Work on project scrapheap will continue because as you can see even though I have a decent sized collection I still need some infantry units anyway and along with the return of my own painted figs 2 of my friends contributed some unpainted and new figs I can add to my force (more on this tomorrow).


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