Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Project Scrapheap: Revenant Crew (15/20)

One more figure finished for my undead pirates.  This time it's my second unit leader which is the Razig figure from Reaper's Warlord line.

This figure is very unique for a naval miniature (historic or fantasy) in that the figure is styled with some cool metal armour pieces.  For obvious (I hope obvious) reasons chunky metal armour is not typically popular with troops serving on boats but it looks good and let's be honest in the world of steampunk fantasy realism and safety aren't super big concerns.

Now that this guy is done I'm down to my final 5 trooper models and then these 2 units will be finished!  I also finally cleaned and puttied my warcaster model so she should be ready to rock before the weekend!


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