Thursday, 20 June 2013

Return to the hobby grab bag

A bunch more stuff in-progress today.

First up 2 items from project scrapheap; the long awaited final 5 Revenant Crew and Skarre herself!  When these models are done all I'll be left to finish are 2 Revenant Crew Cannons and something worth 2 more points.....

....unless I switch gears and add a 4 point unit and drop 1 or 2 other things!  The circle of life came full circle for these Black Ogrun figures last week.  I had bought them during my first go round painting Cryx, decided I wasn't going to paint any non-undead, gave them to my friend Jordan, who also didn't paint them for 4-5 years, and now he's given them back to me!  These guys fit extremely well with my pirate themed force and will give me some punch in a force that has only 1 warjack.  I'm extremely excited to have these.

And last but not least, slow progress continues on the Gnolls.  I've started up my test model and he should be done by tomorrow (hopefully).

I'm also going to working on another project on the side.  This is a bit like Project Scrapheap in that I'm going to by building a force for a game out of some figures I have on hand in-spite of the fact that they are not the 'proper' figures for the game in question.  The idea was inspired by 2 elements; first my buddy Darren showing off his cool Mortis engine, and secondly my realisation that if I'm not going to be using my vast collection of D&D pre-painted undead models for roleplaying then they might be able to do something else for me instead.....

Stay tuned!



  1. You did the same thing I did with Skarre! Got rid of those ridiculous looking horns!

    1. Yep. Puttied on some hair. The horns just look silly to me.

  2. I can't wait to see D&D minis re-paints and based up for mass-combat. I've been dragging my feet on adding more Grave Guard to my force. Maybe I'll start work on them...

    I'm looking forward to your Gnoll war band!