Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Blast From The Past - Mordheim

We're closing in on the end of our Malifaux campaign (still haven't made a final decision on a Master....) and I was talking with my friend Stan about what's next on the gaming horizon for us.  It took him about 30 seconds to convince me to hop into the Way-Back Machine and play some Mordheim.

Mordheim was a fantasy skirmish game produced by Games Workshop about 15 years ago (give or take) and when it first came out I played it all the time.  I'll definitely be painting up a new force for it but thinking about it and discussing it made me pull out my old Witch Hunters for a trip down memory lane.

The heroes of the Witch Hunter force are pretty cool but my favourite was always the guy with the sword and the torch.  Something about him just seems like the ultimate bad-ass.

The henchmen for the Witch Hunters were a pretty motley crew but I really thought the creepy guys with the placards around their neck captured the dark but somewhat humourous feel of Warhammer pretty well.

So in a couple of weeks an odd assortment of Warhammer figs will probably start showing up here.



  1. Its all about the mordheim random fish.. though I was also a fan of the hand puppet

    1. Hand puppet guy was always my favourite.

    this dude was always my favorite

  3. That guy definitely had the best moustache.