Monday, 9 March 2015

The start of my Malifaux Mercenaries/Outcasts crew (WIP)

Taelor was the winner of my mini-survey so I'll be building a crew around her for the Malifaux league at Lords Of War here in Oakville.

I got assembly, priming and a start to painting on Taelor and 18 Soul Stones worth of her closest friends today.

I figure I have until Friday to get these 4 models done so I can can get a game in before the first week of the league ends, then it's time to add another 10 Soul Stones worth of models!

I'm pretty excited about the possibilities of what other models could join her crew but I realised the one thing I need to start thinking about is who the Master will end up being for the final week.



  1. Don't you add a master at 26ss?

    1. There's actually some overlap or flexibility in that Brad.
      Crews of 1-25 Soul Stones can only be led by a Henchman (no Masters).
      Crews of 26-40 Soul Stones can be led either by a Henchman or a Master (your choice).
      Crews of 41 or more Soul Stones must be led by a Master.

      So if I added a Master at 30 SS then I would have to pay for Taelor if I kept her in my force (she's worth 10 SS).

      I'll probably stick with a Henchman (Taelor) until the final week of the league when we go to 50SS.

  2. so adding a master woud instantly take you from 20 to 30 ss 1 model painted and done

    1. That's absolutely correct Brad but I still haven't actually decided which Master to add.
      So at this point Convict Gunslingers are more likely.