Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Donate Or Paint - Reaper Ranger

Today while sitting down to paint I was listening to the new episode of my favourite hobby podcast; Hobby Night In Canada (check them out at http://hobbynight.ca) when during the cast Ward called me out for the Donate or Paint challenge.

The Donate or Paint challenge is conceptually similar to the ALS ice-buck challenge that was going on a while back only this time it's to help raise money for a member of the hobby community suffering through multiple medical issues (check the story out at http://chain-attack.com/donate-or-paint/) 

I was mid-way through painting a Desperate Mercenary for Malifaux when I heard my name but I figured it wouldn't really be in the spirit of the idea to just carry on and finish it so I put it aside and painted up a new character for my ongoing D&D game.

This is a Reaper Bones figure that will be representing a human ranger who will be joining the party during our next session.

Thanks for the call-out Ward, it was fun to do something off-plan and hearing you guys makes me feel like I'm back home again.


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